Listen online Radio Sotelo Llamellin 101.3FM
Radio Sotelo Llamellin 101.3FM is well-known Peruvan Radio Station.

Address: Jr. Tupac Amaru 102 Barrio Allauca

Phone: +51973300629


WhatsApp: 51973300629

Radio Sotelo Llamellin 101.3FM - It is the first local station transmitting from the city of Llamellin, department of Ancash located at Jr. Tupac Amaru 102 Barrio Allauca. It has been one of the main means of communication and entertainment for all Raymondians residing in Lima and throughout Peru. Under the direction of Mr. Frank Sotelo Velasquez and his wife, they have been reporting the events that are happening in the city of Llamellin through their 101.3 FM signal and also through their social networks.

Radio genres: news folk cumbia